Aamir Khan’s brother Faissal Khan says what happened between him and his family.

Aamir’s brother, Faissal Khan, has opened up about what happened between his family, and he forgave Aamir for what happened between them. But he can’t forget the incident, Faissal was involved in a legal battle with his family, after they kept him ‘under house arrest’ because they felt that he was depressed and had schizophrenia.

He made his acting career with the film, which he also directed called FAACTORY. In an interview, Faissal also said that he wishes his family the best, but also resolved to maintain a distance from them in light of what happened.

Faissal told Navbharat Times that he had to run away otherwise he’d still be a prisoner at Aamir’s house. He also said “I was going through that phase with family, and then one day, Aamir called to say that he wanted my signatory right because I am mad and I can’t take care of myself. So I was told to declare before a judge that I am not capable of taking care of myself. I couldn’t understand why. So then I decided to leave home.”

He continued, that he underwent a mental evaluation at JJ Hospital for 20 days, after which he was declared that he is in his state of mind by the Judge.

When asked about his relation with Aamir Khan, He continued, “Such a big incident happened to me, so I can forgive him, but I can’t forget what happened in past. I talk to my family on the phone and I wish them on birthdays and Eids, because I still have a fear of past what happens then, So would like to maintain distance with them. I won’t lie, there is a barrier between us, but it’s better to maintain the distance. I hold nothing against them, I wish them the best. But I don’t want to cross the line because I have my own dignity to protect.”

Both Aamir and Faissal appeared together in the critical and commercial failure film mela, following which Faissal’s career never recovered. Meanwhile, Aamir will be seen his next in Laal Singh Chaddha.