Ajay Devgan’s ‘Maidaan’ will be a hit for this reason

Ajay Devgan is working on several films at this time but the most anticipated one among them is ‘Maidaan’. The films has been underproduction for quite a while now. It should have been released by now but the filming was halted several times for one reason or the other. Recently, director Amit Sharma has revealed some interesting info about the film. The film will feature professional football players from all around the world.

In an conversation with a news outlet, Amit said, “The idea is to do my best. We have invited football players from all across the world to come and play in our matches for Maidaan: Japan, South Korea, France, Thailand… there is some problem getting Australian players to come to India because the country is under lockdown.”

ajay devgn maidaan movie release date

He further shared, “In fact, the players from Thailand are already here. They have been waiting for me to recover from COVID. We start shooting them on April 4. We then go on to shoot matches with the other countries with a break between every match. It is a tough schedule. We were supposed to start shooting on March 16. But then who we would have thought I would be felled with COVID like this?”

The movie is pitched to hit the screens on 13 August 2021.