‘Atrangi Re’ is more than just a love triangle : Anand L Rai

Anand L Rai, whose next project ‘Atrangi Re’ poster was released said that the story of the film is very close to his heart. In an interview, the filmmaker says that the movie featuring the stellar cast of Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, and Sara Ali Khan will have the audience experience varied emotions. As an Indian audience, love to have a laugh, but also becomes emotional and shed eyes the next minutes, and that’s what Atrangi Re does to you.


Anand said, “The Atrangi and weird characters of the films add layers to the emotions in the story. It’s a story I want people to see, enjoy and debate. I think the film is like a game, an emotional one, which I am playing with the audience. After watching the trailer, I want them to have their own interpretation. The audience will start forming their own story and keep guessing what happens next, but at the end, it’s me who will win the game”.

“When I went to Akshay with this role, I didn’t think that a superstar like him would agree to this complicated role with such ease. But we have seen him play such varied characters on screen, which made me believe that he has got a great sense of picking his role. On another side, we have Dhanush, who can pull off the weirdest of any character skillfully. He brings his own madness to the character. About Sara, Anand said, “I want a girl who can be real in the character as in real life, but also someone who could hide her nervousness with her confidence. I saw that in Sara. She is one of the finest young actors. She has guts, and even she is flattered, she will come up with something else very soon. woh bahut khul kar hasti hai aur bahut kam logon ko aisa aata hai. She is like a cracker in the film. I wanted that kind of energy in this Rinku character.” The music is given by AR Rahman.