Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi reveals her relationship with Ritesh was a compromise

Bigg Boss is always had fights and arguments as a part of the show, but in yesterday’s episode, there were a bit too many. Rakhi is having a conversation with their husband Ritesh, Rakhi told Ritesh that he was her strength, this Ritesh told her that it’s not that way, and she has her own strength and is deserving. He also Rakhi to not get involved in other people’s fights. Rakhi tells him that she can’t go against the people she is close with “I always take you as my own but you keep scolding me”.

rakhi and ritesh

Ritesh also tells her “You keep telling me what to do and what not to do. You keep bringing out my negative side,” he says. He tells her that he will get eliminated because of her and leaves. Later, we see Rakhi having a conversation with Tejasswi Prakash, in which Rakhi tells to her that she gets jealous when she sees her with Karan “My husband is always running away from me, he keeps talking to devo all the time. I can’t live with him like this. He never discusses anything with me, he doesn’t talk to me when he wants to but never takes my call. It’s better to not have a husband like him. Hum Akele Hi Jee Lege” Rakhi says. When Tejasswi asks Rakhi how she fell in love, Rakhi says it did not love but a compromise.

Rakhi is one of the strongest contestants of the house and is the only contestant so far to be in the finale week. It was her wish to have Ritesh in Bigg Boss 15.