“Dating or not dating, we are bestfriends”: Zareen Khan on dating Shivashish Mishra

Actor Zareen Khan, who debut with Salman Khan 2009 ‘Veer’ in the industry has said that 2021 is not a great one, because Zareen lost her nana and her mother has been in and out of hospitals. The actress said, “There was a time I thought I will lose her,” says Khan, adding, “This year has been terrible for me. I can’t wait for it to end.”

Zareen_Khan_and_Shivash On rumors of dating Shivashish Mishra, Zareen says, “We are trying to get to know each other,” says Khan, “We are similar people and like each other’s company. Let’s see where it goes. We got to know each other very recently. I met him at the beginning of the year. (So) Jumping to a conclusion is too early. We like each other and that’s about it.” She also continues, “Dating or not dating, we are best friends,” she replies and adds, “I’m too old school to understand these terms. We are in a beautiful phase. I’m liking and enjoying it.”


On asking her if there is a romance between the two the actress starts blushing and says, “Then you are smart enough to understand it, I wouldn’t comment on it right now.” She continues, “My personal life is something I’ve never really spoken about. I find that very awkward.” Talking about Shivashish she told, “He is a great guy. I like the fact that he has a childlike personality, just like me. There’s no pretend and just honesty between us.”