Human: Kirti Kulhari opens up about kissing scene with Shefali Shah

Human is a medical drama that stars Kirti Kulhari as a homosexual woman. She is playing this role for the first time. The series also stars Shefali Shah, Ram Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastava, and others. In the series, Kirti and Shefali shared an intimate scene with each other. The two share a kiss in the show, and Kirti says it is the most boring thing to do with so many takes and many people on the set.

Kirti also shared with the portal, she said that although she is an actor, it was strange for her to create that chemistry for a woman and give expressions she would, falling for a guy. She said she was only thinking what if she got turned on while kissing Shefali. She also said that the director Mozez Singh made them do more than 8-10 takes for getting different angles of the kiss and after a couple of takes, they went at it like robots. There are 100 people on the set and there is no privacy, and the actors are at the mercy of the director saying action-cut, action-cut.”

kirti_kulhari and shefali
Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari from Human

“There is so much more drama in drama as a genre, the characters are more complex and layered. I personally feel I like playing with complexity as a person hence portraying them on screen as well. It is a very challenging process as an actor and I truly enjoy that challenge. Also, I am an actor who likes to talk about different subjects when I touch a script. There is so much to talk about. It involves people, the drama has to be there. It’s just something I love to do. It’s far tougher to get a good script in terms of comedy and others as compared to drama. I happen to be doing well with drama, and if it’s categorized as serious stuff, sure, I would like to take every opportunity as an actor to take things that matter to me” she added.

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