Jacqueline Fernandez might face truoble, Will Salman Khan help her??

After Jacqueline Fernandez’s cozy picture got viral with extortionist Sukesh Chandrasekhar online. But Jacqueline denied knowing the incarcerated wheeler-dealer and hoping that the trouble would vanish like a bad dream. But the evidence carpeting the internet, Jacqueline faces the stickiest situation in her career.


One of Jacqueline’s friends and a well-known director says, “He showered her with attention and expensive gifts. She fell for it. She probably didn’t check his identity. Which is as bad as Shilpa Shetty claiming she didn’t know what her husband was up to. If you’re dating/marrying someone you can’t be blind to what he does,”

A co-star of the actress tells me she will seek the help of her mentor Salman Khan to bail her out of the situation. This likelihood apart the next few weeks won’t be easy on Ms. Fernandez. She has a lot of answering to do. And she may not have the answers that the government agencies are looking for.