John Abraham on promoting his films on Kapil’s show, ‘I like Kapil but it doesn’t translate to ticket sales’

John Abraham is busing on promoting his upcoming film ‘Attack: Part 1, in this film John plays the role of a super-soldier. The trailer of the film got a good response from the fans for the unique concept, action, and BGM. John said that he is never keen to promote his films on The Kapil Sharma Show. he said that content worked in modern times, and not over marketing.

john and kapil

In the interview with Tried & Refused Productions YouTube channel, he tells the example of The Kashmir Files and how it became a hit even without promotion on Kapil’s show he also tells about proper promotions before as well. John said the director of the film Lakshya Raj Anand was keen to promote it on the platform. John said, “He took me to Kapil Sharma, saying ‘I want you to be on Kapil Sharma’. I like Kapil, he’s a nice boy, but it doesn’t translate to ticket sales.” He also said that he does not believe in item numbers. John Abraham said his discomfort in item songs also showed on his face on screen at times. The hunk said that traditional forms of marketing films were becoming passe, and over-hype did not guarantee the success of a movie.

John’s last film Satyamev Jayate 2 was trash by the critics and also did not get good responses from the audience. He said that criticism is important and an actor needed to take it positively. He said that it is only honest feedback and encourages improvement and also said he would not try to hard-sell Attack. John said, “I have no qualms about being ripped apart for something I’ve done badly… The fact of the matter is, if you don’t call a spade a spade, you’re going to be stuck.”