Shiv Sena Demands, Strip All National Awards Of Kangana On ‘Bheek’.

Kangana Ranaut make a remake of India achieved in 1947 was ‘Bheek’, so Shiv Sena demands that the actress strip of all her national awards over her comment.

‘The real freedom was attained only in 2014 when Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India, which is said to ‘treason.



The Shiv Sena editorial ‘Saamana’ said the country will not tolerate such insult to Independence which was attained through blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice made by countless Indians.

“The Modi Government should strip Kangana all national awards,” said Sena. Sena also said her remake show of ‘fake nationalism’.

“Nobody has insulted India’s freedom fighter in such manner before Kangana. Recently she was honored by Padma Shri Award which had earlier been conferred to freedom fighters. It is unfortunate that Kangana was honored with the same awards,” said by editorial.

The Sena said the actress”present political ancestors” referring to Kangana’s comments, were nowhere in the scene during the process of the country’s freedom struggle.

“Our freedom was achieved through blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice made by countless people of India. Calling it ‘Bheek’ is a case of treason,” adding that the “statue of Sardar Patel (the first home minister of India) must be crying after hearing these comments.”

BJP MP Varun Gandhi and actor Anupam Kher have criticized Kangana Ranaut where are the staunch nationalists of BJP, the Sena asked.