Somy Ali takes a dig at Salman Khan, calling him a ‘women beater’

Somy Ali has taken to social media to call Salman Khan a women beater allegedly. The actress took to her Instagram to share a poster of Main Pyar Kiya starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree. She even asked her followers to stop worshipping him. On Friday, she wrote, “A women beater, and not just me, but many. Stop worshiping him, please. He’s a sadistic sick *#uk. You have no idea.”

Earlier in March 2022, the former actress had taken to her Instagram handle to share a still silhouette still from a Bollywood music video and said that one day, he will be exposed by the people he abused. She even mentioned Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in her note.


“The Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood! You will be exposed. The women you abused will come out one day and share their truth. Just like @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb,” Somy wrote in her now-deleted Instagram post. She did not mention the name of the said person. Interestingly, the still was from Salman Khan and Bhagyashree’s song ‘Aate Jaate Haste Gaate’ from the film Maine Pyar Kiya.

In 2018, at the height of the #MeToo movement, Somy Ali shared, “As a survivor of sexual abuse at the age of 5 and rape at 14, I would like to salute all those that have spoken up and plan on doing so. I know it is very difficult to do it because I have been there and it took me many years to be able to talk about it. It takes an immense amount of courage to share this with the world. It’s even harder when you tell those that are close to you and they are supposed to protect you, yet they do nothing. I have been there too and it hurts like hell.”

“I want these survivors to know it is truly liberating and completely worth it. Do not let the nonbelievers stop you. This is your truth. Do not ever be afraid to speak your truth. Do not let this opportunity pass you. This is a moment that has been long overdue for all of us. This is your chance to be heard and finally obtain justice. I believe you,” added Somy