Women are getting to equal pay situation in the industy : Raveena Tandon

Actress Raveena Tandon is happy that a sense of equality is seeping into the industry, and credits the OTT boom for being a driving force. Raveen said, “The industry has most definitely changed for the better. And it is what I completely work for and I do find the change now, which is happening. Women are almost getting, I am not saying we have got there but we are getting an equal pay scale kind of situation”


Telling about what’s driving the change the actress says, “It is because of the kind of roles that women are getting and the kind of cinema that is being made. Also, it is because the global audiences have opened up”. Raveena is set to play the role of a cop in ‘Aryanak’ which will release on OTT on Netflix, the actress also talk about her role, “I have always chosen my films or my roles, where there is an element of giving strength to the character, and uplifting it towards women empowerment”.

“We dwell on problems a lot of women in uniform, not only in India but globally, face. They give it their best in their family life, as well as a professional life… A lot of women are lucky, who actually get family support, but there are so many who don’t get that kind of support. We talk about it to inspire families to help the women achieve their dreams,” she says.