Malaika Arora: I’d rather be known as sexy and spicy than Pheeki and Thandi

Malaika Arora is one hottie who grabs headlines every day for keeping so fit and looking so hot all the time. Malaika also gets trolled and faces shaming online for various reasons. However, that hasn’t bothered her much. For years now, Malaika Arora has been carrying the ‘sexy’ tag in the Bollywood industry. She has been a DIVA and will continue to remain so for years, it seems, given her dedication to fitness. And Malla intends to keep the tag forever. The actress also said that she’d rather be sexy and spicy than Pheeki and Thandi.


In her recent interview with Pinkvilla, Malaika opened up on getting the sexy tag and maintaining it for years. She said she has held on to the tag and is not planning to let it go anytime soon. Malaika added that she was also known as sexy and spicy and she likes it that way. The actress added, “I’m a very feisty person by nature, so honestly, it’s not a conscious thing. Because I’ve been termed as, you know, ‘oh she’s sexy’ that I’ve to live up to that standard. I do not believe in that. I just feel it’s part and parcel of the person that I am.”

However, Malaika has her own struggles too. Yes, the actress revealed that she does not feel fit all the time. Malaika revealed that for fifteen days of the month, she may feel at the peak of her fitness but she may be struggling in the following fifteen days. So, you see, it’s not all hunky-dory for Malla too. The actress has to keep working towards being fit and fabulous. Malaika also added that she feels bloated too. However, she adds that she is not the one to keep still. Malaika said that she is very very active, in fact, she will call herself an overactive person. Malaika revealed that she is so active sometimes that people have to calm her down.