Neha Dhupia revealed her son’s name, here’s what it is

Neha Dhupia recently gave birth to her second child. The actress was diagnosed with Covid19 last year. It is over three months since she and her husband Angad Bedi welcome their son and the couple has finally revealed his name. Taking with media, Neha and Angad revealed that they have named their son is Guriq Singh Dhupia Bedi.



Neha revealed that she finalized the name while it was Angad who decided the spelling of the name. The meaning of Guriq means one with god, one from God, and the savior of the world. Neha in a previous interview with media revealed about returning to work, she said, “On the ninth day, after Mehr was born, I was back at work. This time around I returned to work on the sixth day after the delivery. Yes, I already did two shoots at home. With the little baby around it was just for the team to do their tests and only then did they step into the house. I personally feel that if you want a break then it is important to have one as recovery is very important. Childbirth takes a lot from you. It is not easy. So, my advice is you give yourself time to recover.

It’s just that I am extremely fond of what I do and I wanted to get back to work as soon as possible that I started working. Options like work from home have proven to be such a blessing in today’s day and age. Work is holy to me. I have worked my way up and there’s a long way to go. I feel like my entire career has been about just being relevant at all times – neither being extremely successful nor being invisible.” She continues.

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