Adivi Sesh on his relationship status: It’s complicated

Major released in the theatres and actor Adivi Sesh has got some time to “take a moment” and digest all the good things that have happened in the last couple of days. Adivi has been in the industry for almost 20 years. However, the actor has maintained a non-controversial image in the industry. Point this out to him, and he smiles. He replies, “I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs or eat non-veg food. If I’m not working, I sleep on time; (so) I think that’s pretty much it. Everything bad that happens in the world, happens after 2 am. (And) I’m not awake at that hour (laughs).”


Having said that, Adivi was once speculated to tie the knot with actor Supriya Yarlagadda in 2019. While he maintains a “no comments” when asked about his relationship with Yarlagadda, ask him about his relationship status and he states, “It’s complicated”.

Talking about marriage, the actor mentions that “at some point” he may consider it, but, for now, he isn’t inclined towards it. “Definitely not on my mind” he replies when asked about marriage. The actor furthermore talks about his parent’s interest to get him hitched. He elaborates, “Basically my parents are looking forward to getting me married off like a nice Indian boy. It started with them saying that as long as she is a Telugu girl, and now they are like as long as it’s a girl from some part of the world. They are getting desperate, but I’m not sure man. There’s so much to do and so little time. I genuinely mean that. I grew up in the US and it’s not a big deal for me to get into a relationship. I guess I just feel like you cannot dream about showing the children of a village in Rajasthan to show a movie based on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan on a projector and still think I have time to chill out.”