Arslan Goni reacted to rumors about his wedding with Sussanne Khan

Arslan Goni doesn’t like to talk about his personal life and his relationship status with interior designer Sussanne Khan. And the actor is amused by the recent report that claimed the couple is planning to get married in a hush-hush way soon.

Recently, a report claimed that the couple is planning to get married in a hush-hush way soon. When we contacted Goni, he laughed the rumors off, saying, “I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t like talking about my personal life. I don’t know who has spoken about it. Early in the morning, the first tag I saw on Instagram was this”.

sussanne and arslan

“I don’t know who has written about it. Aur unko kahan se pata chala. Unko mein bolunga ke mujhe bhi bata de ke kisne yeh decision liya aur kab aur kahan…. I have no zero comments on that,” he adds. That’s because he doesn’t want to add to the existing noise around his bond with Khan, who is actor Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife.

“I have not sat down and consciously decided to not talk about my personal life. I anyway don’t like talking about my personal life, even with my friends. I am that sort of a person. And anyway, there are so many chatters around my personal life,” says the actor, who recently returned to Mumbai after summer vacation with Sussanne in California.

He continues, “My personal life is good, and so is my work life. At the same time, I am trying to hide anything. I am not answerable to anybody about my personal life. But I don’t want to make a show of it. I don’t want to be that person. As an actor, this (personal life) is what we are left with. I don’t want to throw it in someone’s face. At the same time, if I am going out with her, I am not going to enter separately or something”.

Here, Goni quips that people are scrutinizing their relationship a lot, and the pictures also exist to narrate the whole story. “From the first speculation to the trollers to getting positive comments about my personal life, it comes with a peaceful feeling, where you know that people actually appreciate you… I sometimes go through the comments, and it is nice to see that nobody is throwing hate at us. At the moment, he wants to focus on his work and is excited about the projects coming, which include a remake of Fauda.