“I am a struggling actor” says John Abraham

Actor John Abraham who has headlined many successful movies and made a name for himself as a top action star in Bollywood, has said that he still considers himself to be a struggling actor.

“Honestly, at the risk of sounding humble – which I don’t want to – I still believe I am struggling and trying to make a mark. I have told everyone on set that I am grateful to be on a film set. I have become more cognizant of it today than what I was back then,” the actor said in a recent interview.

john abraham

“Someone said only that I am the only model who has made it. But today, when I think about it, I think that’s true and it’s because of my choices and sense of self conviction. I only give myself a pat on my back and credit for where I have reached,”.

John Abraham further said, adding that his many years in the industry have helped him evolve. “There was a sense of frivolity and a sense of casual callousness about my behaviour at the start of my career, where I wasn’t scared of failure. Today, I am not scared but grateful for my journey. It teaches you a lot,” he said.