Is Karan Johar take dig to Karthik Aaryan??, he says ‘fed up’ of newer actors demanding Rs20-30 crore

Karan Johar‘s Dostana 2 is always on controversial ever since Karthik Aaryan made his exit from the project. There are a lot of speculations of the rift between Karan Johar and Karthik Aaryan. However, to date, no one was actually addressed what went wrong. There were many who spoke on behalf of them. In fact, Anubhav Sinha openly said, that there is a camp running against Karthik Aaryan after he left Karan’s film.

He took to Twitter and said, And by the way… when Producers drop Actors or vice versa they don’t talk about it. It happens all the time. This campaign against Kartik Aaryan seems concerted to me and very bloody unfair. I respect his quiet.” And now Karan Johar in his latest interview, said that he is fed up with newer actors’ demand of Rs20-30 crore per film. He even insisted that he wants to show them their report card on how they have actually performed at the box office.


In an interview, he said,” There is a younger order that is yet to prove their muscle at the box office. They’re asking for Rs 20 or 30 crores. For no reason. Then you want to show a report card to them and say, that hello, this is what your film opened to.” He even added that he would rather pay his technical team who actually does all the hard work, ” I would rather pay top dollar to members of the technical crew, who actually make the film special.”

Karan Johar is known as his godfather of all-star kids, he launched Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhavan, Ananya Pandey, and Janhvi Kapoor. Now he is all set to launch Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter Shanaya Kapoor with his production house.