Koena Mitra shared her experience on plastic surgery, says was tortured for 3 years

Recently in an interview with the media, Koena Mitra shared about her plastic surgery once again, Koena has shared the one complaint she has against people in the industry. She also shared that she faced nepotism and groups in the film industry. Koena also opened up about plastic surgery. Koena Mitra said, “Whatever it was, it was my decision, it is my face and my life, Why should people have a problem with that?”

She also said, “I agree that nepotism and groups exist in the film industry. I have faced all kinds of behavior. There was a time when I got a big break, despite being an outsider. On the other hand, when I need them the most, no one from the industry stood up for me. I will always have this complaint against the industry that they did not speak for me openly,”

koena mitra

She added, “When I came here, I did not know that one must not speak about one’s surgery. Someone asked me, and I talked about my surgery. Soon after that, it felt like the entire world came after me. I was tortured for my surgery for three long years. Constantly, the media ran negative news items about me. Many people from the industry also distanced themselves from me at the time and it also affected my work. I feel like laughing because people would advise me to stay strong, but not support me in front of the media.”

Koena had opened up about her surgery last year in April and told Zoom TV that her body reacted to the surgery in an unexpected way. She also said that she did not research properly and did not anticipate the reaction. Koena rose to fame with her special dance song in Sanjay Dutt-Anil Kapoor’s 2004 film Musafir. Titled Saaki Saaki, the song became a chartbuster. After making her debut with the 2002 film Road, Koena appeared in films such as Heyy Babyy and Apna Sapna Money Money. Recently, she also appeared on Bigg Boss 13 in 2019.

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