Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? In some respects, this is the most eventful year any one of us has lived through.

But in other ways, things are slower than ever, and as a result, celebrity rumors that would have died swift deaths a few short months ago are now finding extended lives on social media.

Ariana Grande has been taken over by a rumor that she is pregnant!

ariana grande in a concert

This thing has gained serious traction on Instagram and Twitter!

Sometimes, all it takes for a rumor like this to get around is a single tweet with nothing resembling any sort of real proof.

This time, we have what some fans are calling photo evidence.

But on closer inspection, it appears to be nothing more than a pic taken from an awkward angle.

ariana grande with the pose

As is usually the case with this sort of thing, some fans were quick to clap back by pointing out that there’s no real reason to believe Grande is pregnant.