‘The Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra gets her own poster

Priyanka Chopra dropped her first character poster from the upcoming Hollywood film ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, but it was the absence of ‘Jonas’ on her social media handles that stole all the attention.


Priyanka Chopra dropped the poster of her upcoming Hollywood Film ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ poster featuring her. But she dropped her ‘Jones’ name from the social media handles that stole all attention.

In the poster, we see her in a traditionally inspired ensemble much too different from the rest of the cast suited in flashy suits and coats. the fuels speculations around are possible casting as the character Sati. According to fan theories, Priyanka’s character might even be the new oracle, who sends Keanu Reeve’s Neo on a new adventure. In ‘Matrix Revolutions’ Sati originally was played by Tanveer Atwal, was expected to play a major role in the film series.

With all the fuss about the actress dropping¬†Nick Jonas’ last name. It came amidst much speculation about Priyanka and Nick possibly calling it quits on their marriage. However, Chopra’s mother,¬†Madhu Chopra, crushed the rumors and dubbed them ‘rubbish’. Global news portals have been speculating if Chopra removed her husband’s surname as a branding decision or just a personal call.