Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan schools Ritesh for disrespecting Rakhi

Bigg Boss 15, upcoming episode we will see host Salman Khan will be seen scolding Rakhi Sawant’s husband for disrespecting her. Salman’s anger comes after Ritesh made Rakhi cry several times in the show. On Saturday, Colors TV’s posted a promo of their Instagram of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 and Captioned it, “Iss weekend, Salman le Rahe hai Naari ka Saath Aur ho Rahe hai Ritesh par Bhaari (This weekend, Salman Khan will take Rakhi’s side and will lash out at Ritesh).”


In the video we see Salman telling Ritesh,  “Bade bade log aise baat nahi karte jaise aap karte ho. Aapko Tameez hai? (Even big powerful men do not talk like this, do you have any manners?)” He then asks Rakhi: “Kyun bardaasht kar rahi ho? Tum Rakhi Sawant ho (Why do you tolerate all this? You are Rakhi Sawant)”. Salman then tells Ritesh, “Array Aapko Janta he Kaun Tha. Kya fayda hua aisi education ka? Rakhi Se Aisi Battameezi Se Baat ki Toh Acha Nahi Hoga (Nobody knew you before Bigg Boss. What is the point of your education if you behave like this? If you ever talk to Rakhi like that, it will not be good).”


Fans have also reacted to Ritesh’s behaviors towards Rakhi on social media. One person tweeted, “Again Badtameez Ritesh started talking badly and yelling at Rakhi for no good reason and again Rakhi didn’t utter a word and didn’t stand up for herself in spite of Farah telling her to take a stand for herself.” Another fan tweeted, “Found it very bizarre that feminist Devo keeps sitting with Ritesh Jiju despite how he behaves with Rakhi Sawant, she did not tell him anything when he was screaming at Rakhi, Rashami Desai and Rajiv Adatia were defending her, Devo came running to say “Husband-Wife ka Maamla hai (This is a husband-wife matter)”.

Ritesh entered Bigg Boss 15 house last month along with his wife Rakhi Sawant, as a VIP. It was the first time that Rakhi introduced her husband to the public. Later Rakhi can be heard telling Tejasswi, “Dusri Ladkiyan Usko Achi Lagti Hai, Mere Sath Usko Toh Baat He Nahi Karni. Duniya Ka Pehla Pati Hai Jo Biwi Ke Baaju Mein He Nahi Baithta Hai (He likes other girls. He doesn’t talk to me. He is the world’s first husband who dislikes sitting with his wife).”


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