Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan warns Abhijit Bichukale that he will drag him with his hair out of the house in midweek

Bigg Boss 15: In the upcoming weekend ka Vaar episode will see the host Salman Khan schooling the contestants. In the episode, the host will be deciding the fate of Umar Riaz, and apart from him, Abhijit Bichukale is reprimanded for using abusive language in the house. Salman Khan will be seen lashing out at him and warns to evict him midweek.

Salman Khan asks him about the cuss words he used for Pratik and also asked for his reaction if someone else would have abused his family. He warns him to behave himself and improve his behavior. Salman¬†tells him he’ll walk inside and evict him mid-week by dragging him by his hair.

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Salman said, “Ye joh gandi gandi gaaliyaan di hai tumne, agar koi tumhari family ko deta toh kaise lagta…ye warning de raha hoon, midweek aake nikal ke jaaunga baal pakad ke. Tu bolega na ghar mein aake tereko maark ke jaaunga.”

After Salman Khan leaves, Abhijit is seen getting upset and threatening the makers of quitting the show. He says, “bhaad mein gaya show aise show mein tikna bhi nahi chahta kholo darwaza…”

The episode will also be graced by former contestants of Bigg Boss like Kashmera Shah, Divya Agarwal, Neha Bhasin, and other guests like Geeta Kapur, who will come inside to support their favorite contestants.

While Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal is seen getting into a fight with Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin also lashes out at Abhijit Bichukale and threatens of beating him with shoes. In response to her, he says that his sister-in-law will shave off her head.

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