Bigg Boss 15: Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra nasty fight that breakdown her

Bigg Boss 15 has been the dullest season ever. Nothing has worked for makers to gain the TRP. There are some things that are glued to the show that has not helped much. Only Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra’s relationship has gained a lot of attention. However, their clashes have been more frequent these days. Teja anD Karan are playing solo in Bigg Boss 15 and taking a till on their relationship. Now they will get into yet another nasty fight with each other, it will leave Teja in a devastated state.


It’s so happened with last night’s episode, Teja passed some comments on Karan who is sanchalak for the torture task. Karan was a sanchalak alongside Umar Riaz and Rakhi Sawant. The task was between Pratik Sehajpal and Shamita Shetty, it seems Karan and Umar have already decided to make Shamita the winner. Karan got offened by Tejaswi remark of ‘Kamzoron Ki Nishaani’ the two had a massive arrgument on the same. now, as a promo, in the upcoming episode, their fight will continue and go to a whole new level. Teja asks Karan why is he so mad over his one statement. Karan asks to have a look at herself before passing any judgments. He is walking away from Teja who lashes out saying “Have some fu**ing ba**s to stand and finish a conversation.”

Karan loses his cool and asks her to look at her face. Later, we see Tejasswi having a mental breakdown. She is extremely dejected and is crying in the bedroom in front of Nishant and Pratik. She laments ‘Who talks to their girlfriend like that?’

This is not the first time that Karan and Teja have had a nasty fight. Usually, their fights begin with others. TejRan shippers are hoping this doesn’t hamper their relationship.

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