Trina Candaza

Who is Trina Candaza / Carlo Aquino wife?

Trina Candaza was Carlo Aquino’s girlfriend and love life. They started dating in 2019 and split up in April 2022 following a breakup.

How old is Trina Candaza?

Trina was born on May 08, 1996 and as of today, she is 27 years old.

Her Career and Work life.

carlo aquino wife

She is mostly a vlogger / endorser. Trina’s biggest following is on Facebook, where she has 360,000 fans.

She also has 153,000 followers on Instagram (@trinacandaza), 108,700 followers on TikTok (@trinacandaza), and 71,000 followers on YouTube (@Trina Candaza).

Trina’s vlogs have been giving glimpses of her life as a young celebrity mom to her daughter Mithi.

She mostly reviews beauty products and talks about a various topics such as money, boxing, exercising, being a mom, her relationship, and many more.

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